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Australian Sunscreen, Sunsational SPF 50+ Sunscreen and Body Care Range

Sunsational Body Care Range

Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world. In fact 2 out of 3 Australians will develop at least one form of skin cancer during their life and now over 1,000 die from skin cancer every year. It has been established that if everyone used SPF 15+ SUNSCREEN regularly at least until the age of 18 the number of people getting melanoma could be reduced by over 70%

Hearing about these types of figures has motivated the original owner, Peter Collins to start his own brand of SUNSCREEN with a strong desire to offer good, effective sun protection from the harsh sun. Nanoparticle and fragrance free, clear sunscren was found to be the best so people were happy to apply sunscreen.

SUNSCREEN is also known as sun block, sun care, sun cream, sun lotion, sun protection, and SUNSCREEN lotion.

SPF50 sunscreen is now allowed to be sold in Australia but must be licensed by the Australian authorities, Therapeutic Goods Administration. All SPF50 sunscreen must display a licence number, example: AUSTL12345.

Sunsational Body Care Product Categories

Sunsational Body Care After Sun Care Hydrates Dry Skin with Moisturiser for Sensitive Skin. Sunsational After Sun Gel has Aloe Vera Extract to soothes, moisturise and revitalise sun, sea and wind damaged skin.

Sunsational Body Care Insect Repellent Sunsational "Buzzzz Offf", enjoy the outdoors with this Natural Insect Repellent, without the bugs flying around.

Sunsational Body Care SPF 50+ Sunscreen Sunsational sunscreen provides you with broad spectrum 50+ protection for all skin types from the suns harmful rays.

Sunsational Body Care Zinc Colour Sticks Have fun playing in the outdoors with Sunsational range of colour Zinc Sticks. They are a fun and colourful way to protect yourself from the Australian sun and have fun!


☼ 10ml, 20mL, 50mL, 100mL, 200mL sunscreen tubes
☼ 500mL, 1Litre, 2.5Litre, 5Litre, 10Litre Jumbo Sunscreen Dispenser Pump tubs
☼ Lip balm, Face balm, Zinc cream tubes, Zinc cream sticks
☼ Insect repellent, spray, pump, and roll-on
☼ After Sun, with Aloe Vera, 65mL and 125mL also bulk.


☼ Very high sun protection SPF30+, SPF50+
☼ UVA/UVB Broad Spectrum
☼ For face & body, everyday use
☼ Replaces sport, face, kids, ultra, sensitive ranges
☼ Rubs on easy and clear
☼ Does not clog pores
☼ Does not sting eyes or run
☼ Does not stain clothes
☼ Really helpful with special skin conditions

FEATURES (con't)

☼ Non-greasy
☼ Water resistant
☼ Quick drying
☼ Fragrance Free
☼ PABA Free
Nanoparticle Free Sunscreen
☼ Oxbenzone Free
☼ Octinoxate Free
☼ Cosmetic/make-up friendly
☼ Great to use as an everyday moisturiser with SPF